Oh my lucky stars! We’re wading into the last element in this series – WATER! WATER is refreshing and deeply calming. It is connected to our emotions and subconscious – which lends to its mysterious and restorative qualities. WATER is the element that pulls us into trusting the flow of our lives. 

And whenever I need to tap into my instincts or plummet my own soul, WATER is my guide. Wondering how in the flow you are? Here are a few Qs worth contemplating:

Do I sleep well most nights?

Do I regularly take time for contemplation and reflection?

Do I feel secure in my home?

Am I calm most of the time?

Am I excited about what the future holds for me?

If you answered YES to most (or all), your WATER energy is rippling well. WATER is crucial in our lives – it restores our energy; keeps us feeling nourished; and provides life giving support. Interestingly enough, it is the element that is most often missing or lacking in homes I consult. 

So, if this has you thirsty for replenishment, today’s episode has more than a few quenching ideas to bring your WATER energy into balance. xo