We’ve all heard a realtor say CURB APPEAL, but science can back this concept up! How people feel about and remember a home is tied directly to how they’re feeling as they approach the door.

The front door is a first impression. It’s how we greet the world. While I don’t encourage shui for other people’s approval, curb appeal is a quick way to slip into some objectivity and “see” what is happening. In our everyday-a-thons, we’ve often become too familiar and almost indifferent to it.  So, imagine I am coming to your house. I am about to knock on your door! Whatever you just thought is a clue to how this space is influencing your feelings about your home. Remember, you’re the influencer here – and if a space feels better to you, you reap those efforts and rewards! 

In this week’s show, we’re talking Feng Shui requirements for the front door, and they’re SO simple. And because your door is an opportunity – available to you every day – to set an intention for your house and life, nothing here is exhaustive, expensive, or elaborate! ENJOY!