simple shui | a little feng shui here goes a long way!

you’ve shui’d your home base and given it a good purge + cleaning + rearrangement, but something is still off. sometimes, splinters can be held in place by a secondary space – like your office. so, if you work outside the home, let’s talk what clutter there might be doing to your groovy dance moves.

[quick note: divide your office like a tic-tac-tie board – this works for an office, a cubicle, or a desk. stand at the door looking into your office – the WEALTH area is the far back left hand corner and the LOVE area is the far back right hand corner.]

[one more quick note: clutter isn’t just the messy stuff – it is unfinished projects; too many things in a space (think: drawers, files, hard drive); overwhelmed bookshelves; untidy spaces; anything broken; blocked corners; +/or anything that undermines your productivity.]

now, with the needle on the record, let’s talk about where the clutter lives and what it’s doing.



clutter in our CAREER area leads to misunderstandings +/or battling what you want to do versus what others think you should do.

clutter in our SELF CULTIVATION/KNOWLEDGE area makes like mercury retro and scrambles information we receive.

clutter in our FAMILY area heightens the struggle to create/maintain balance between work + family.

clutter in the WEALTH area disrupts our ability to discern wise investments + keeps us from making money faster.

clutter in the FAME area muddies our clarity around what the next best steps toward success are.

clutter in the RELATIONSHIPS area shows up as conflicts with our peers, customers, +/or partners.

clutter in the CREATIVITY area translates to overwhelm.

clutter in the HELPFUL PEOPLE area weakens our support system.

and clutter in the center affects it ALL.

in so many ways, we get what we tolerate – so, instead of letting the push against the clutter wear you out (and it is), this is your cue to take the time and make the effort to clear space where you work. and when you get a victory, because clearing clutter is always a winning move, leave a comment and tell us us all about it! because when one of us wins in the good energy dance off, we ALL win! xo