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when i was a newbie to shui, i obsessed over the feng shui map. i mean, it shows my house has a wealth corner – and if i change that area, mo’ money will fall into my life? what are we waiting for?

so, i ran circles around that area, painstakingly executing every cure i thought would help. and you know what? a few worked like a charm. but i was always left with a residual feeling i wasn’t getting full-strength results. because no matter the book or approach i followed, i would ignore a good chunk of shui.

like the elements — water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.

time travel with me to present day, and i don’t rely on the shui map quite the same anymore. instead, i start with the elements. . .

consider the yin/yang of the space. . .

definitely pump up the chi/energy. . .

and then my cadence roams into the shui map.


well, the elements matter. BIG.

fresh flowers + wood element + water element + simple + feng shui


when i am listening to a client’s story/objectives, i get a sense of what elements are out of balance by my client’s descriptions. for instance, if someone talks about anger issues, i know there is probably too much wood expressed in her environment. or if someone can’t make a decision and feels “wishy-washy,” i know we need to drain some of the water being expressed in his surroundings. if someone feels extremely shy, there might not be enough fire in the environment. elements all have emotional characteristics — and our human emotions are often symptomatic of what element(s) is in/out of balance.


candles + fire element + earth element + wood element + simple + feng shui


bottom line: the elements all like to be together in a space — when they are in balance + equally present, our nervous systems relax + our well-being thrives. and that changes what’s happening for us by a couple octaves.

so, from now on, think of the shui map like a game board. it is exciting + challenging + promises so much potential. but without the game pieces – the cards, the dice, the players – it’s not the same barrel of fun, right?

when we come to shui, we usually want help manifesting something external. however, that longing or desire is coming from within – it is a feeling informing that request.

and feelings, m’loves, are where the elements can rock your world. trip the lights. and leave you high on your own supply.

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