simple shui | you like color, right?

when we see the shui map and its array of colors, we feel the need to decorate (read: color-code) our home accordingly. this impulse is so strong that i receive emails weekly asking for Feng Shui color guidance. however, i’d like to dismantle this notion. most colors associated with the bagua are inspired by the element most at home in a particular area. play to the recommended colors, and you actually play to the elemental requirements. however, each of the 5 elements have an impressive dossier of expressions. and all of those possibilities also cater well to that life area energy. so, the good news? you are not color-beholden when it comes to the map. ever.

what we don’t talk about enough is. . .

how colors make us FEEL and how they instruct our MOODS. and there are so many perspectives here to consider, including:

  • the energy of yin colors and yang hues
  • the effects of lighter colors (energy stimulators) versus darker colors (energy sponges)
  • the nature of each element and how to use its powers deliberately. for instance, if you feel like ‘branching out,’ the element Wood would work well. so, one option to cultivate that support is the color bright green.

my challenge for you?

rather than exacting the color scheme for a specific life area, use color whenever you want to feel / think / act differently. and if you’re curious where to begin, here’s a list HOW to use color in Feng Shui!

GLOSSY or CLEAR colors | independent, objective, being in the flow

BROWN, BEIGE, or NEUTRAL | practical, realistic, diligent, reliable

BLACK + INKY COLORS | enhance career energy, improve communication, signify intelligence + shrewdness

SILVER, GREY, or METALLIC | organized, responsible, dignified

PINK | playful, content, enticing

RED | symbolic of fire + blood, sparks life force, revs up courage, alluring, confident, gets noticed!

ORANGE | high adventure, lively conversation, cheeky, lovingly redirects us to our better motivations

YELLOW | makes us feel like the center of attention, optimistic, sincerity

GREEN | full of ideas, imaginative, invites new energy into a situation, fosters better health, prosperity

BLUE | soulful, self-devotion, truth, persistent, creative, soothing

PURPLE | emotional, spiritual, expressive, enhances intuition, self-led reincarnation, authentic power

BRIGHT WHITE | competitive, sharp-minded, new beginnings, creative, motivated

BONUS | add a dollop of black to any color, and your new hue will slow energy down. invite you to settle in. instill calm. sprinkle a little white into your color, and it YANKS (yangs) the wattage up. engages and activates space. and adds a few new beats to your rhythm!

no matter the hue, every color pulsates with its own delicious frequency and signature splendor. so, consider this a reminder life is about using the WHOLE box of crayons. xo