simple shui | i’ll have what she’s having!

“i sold my client a house, and we just finalized the paperwork a few days ago. he called me today and said, ‘this place is too small. can you find us something bigger?’ he’s the best client – and i loved working with him so this will be fun!”

(my client and i are catching up during her consult follow up call.)

i ask, “oh my goodness – that’s crazy! do you feel like you’re getting more business since you started clearing the clutter?

“i’ve had 6 transactions (clients buying new homes) since we started working together. i feel like my vibe is now picking up all the right people – so what’s changed the most is the consistency. every client that comes my way i LOVE!

“oh, and here’s another coincidence. i was wanting to get some flowers for the bathroom, specifically orange-colored. and what was just delivered to my door via UPS? orange and yellow flowers!”

i laugh and let the feeling linger. “is it the wildest thing how much ‘good’ shows up now that you’ve cleared the way?

“i am definitely getting the message. the more i release and open up space, the more ‘new’ that comes in! sometimes it feels never-ending, but then i open different drawers and cabinets. they are clear and tidy! and i can’t believe how much i’ve done! it keeps me plugging away.”


let’s recap.

since we started working together. . .

she’s welcomed a steady stream of new clients – all of whom she LOVES.

unexpected checks and money show up – BOOM!

she’s noticing a BIG difference in her energy and her depression is lifting.

her house has come to LIFE. and she falls in LOVE with it again every day.

she even went to a Michael Franti concert – and in a cosmic sleight of hand – she was suddenly backstage! she enjoyed a private concert with him and hung out with the band. and while she was front row watching the show, she met some new friends. as she enjoyed their conversation, the woman leans in and tells my client “you are complete LOVE.” as my client is sharing this, she says, “amanda, i felt completely seen.”


MONEY coming IN.


SUSTAINABLE ENERGY to get her through the clutter.



we started working together in June.

she cleared clutter and didn’t negotiate with excuses.

when she dipped, i motivated. and here i am, only two months later, cheering her across the finish line.


so, how do you get similar results?

get real about the things standing in your way. hint: most of the time, it starts with the clutter. and if you’ve become pretty good at resisting it, help HELPS.

“it took massive action and effort, but i didn’t blink because i knew what was on the other side of it.

so, where’s she now?

i wanted to be better. i wanted to feel better. and now i am experiencing better. i’m totally high from us.


p.s. these results are possible for you! even better? if you start now, do you even know what is possible in twenty-twenty? aren’t you a little curious? i am! so. if you’re ready to make your life EXTRA EXTRA, let’s talk!