simple shui | time for a door to door refresh!

doors have a variety of implications in feng shui. the front door is where good energy and luck enter our lives. the back door is a conduit for indirect opportunities. and all those doors throughout your home are synonymous with a parent’s voice. clutter around any of these will hinder our progress in the world and fester unnecessary struggles. so, keep them clear – front and back.

and because all doors have a few metaphorical mechanics that are worth understanding, here’s a quick door-to-door checklist to keep your space emotionally clutter-free:

need to get a handle on something? check the door knobs and make sure yours are in good repair.

got stuck doors? this jams up communication flow in all relationships – get handy and loosen them up.

what about those squeaky hinges? eeeeks — it’s a “crying” door! with every swing open + shut, it dispenses a whiny vibe throughout a house. squirt a little WD-40, and voila! no more ‘tears.’

door not opening fully? this obstructs energy flow (opportunity, prosperity, possibility) from coming into your space. return the paraphernalia lingering behind +/or around the door to its proper spot, and you are instantly wide open and clear for some feel-good ROI!

and for doors with busy behinds? remove clusters hanging from hooks – robes + towels + bags – for a couple days. notice how your space exhales. xo