simple shui tip: a few BONUS tips

LOVING the House Therapy podcast? if so, i’ve got a few BONUS tips from recent episodes just for YOU!

in my “My 3 Favorite Ingredients in the Kitchen” episode, i shared a few favorite ways to work with if ever you need a little extra protection, here’s one more cleanse for you!

TIP ONE: once a day for 9 days, peel one orange and leave the peel somewhere in a room. leave it there for all nine days. at the end of the nine days, gather the peels and throw them away. (feel free to eat the orange you peel daily.) alternatively, you can do this in your office (placing the peels in your desk drawers instead) to keep any unwanted energy at a distance from you.

in “How a Little Shui Can Go a Long Way”, we talked about the influence of our environments, especially when it comes to productivity. so, another tip that gets us *warmed up*…

TIP TWO: use the color red. red is bold, alluring, radiant – it simply demands the eye. and in Feng Shui, red is a POWER color with that kind of persuasion. it is associated with the heart, blood and life. and a few easy ways to invite it in: a vase of red flowers; a bowl of pomegranates or apples, a stack of books – a few with red spines, or a splash of red in your art / photography / décor. with red, a little dab will do ya, so don’t overthink this one!

in episode “Let’s Get Down to Business”, we talked about your office, so here’s one more way to shui when you want to call a little extra luck and fortune your way…

TIP THREE: place 3 I-Ching or lucky Chinese coins (strung together with red ribbon) in your office where you generate money. this could be the wealth corner of your desk (or office), in your workbag, under your computer, in a drawer with VIP files, or in your wallet. you specifically want the I-Ching coins – the round shape and square center are considered very lucky, and that is exactly what we’re employing here! (i source mine on Etsy.) xo