simple shui tip: call in prosperity (from your kitchen!)

want to welcome more opportunity in your life? start in your kitchen!

TIP ONE: use all 4 burners at least once a day to keep prosperity circulating. what I typically *see* is one favorite burner being used all the time. the rest? untapped prosperity. don’t let that happen to you.

TIP TWO: clean the oven. it is representative of our personal energy and financial prowess, so it helps BIG time to keep it clean. we all crave the *magical* remedies, I know. but getting elbow deep and scrubbing yours ‘til it’s polished and pretty will take you (and your abundance potential!) leaps and bounds.

TIP THREE: a kitchen represents prosperity, and clutter here isn’t working in your financial favor. so, go for quick wins, especially near and around the oven: throw away expired cans and spices; donate any items not used or needed; and edit the refrigerator door(s) of any paper clutter.

TIP FOUR: pay attention that things are more than halfway full. wealth – in the simplest terms – is stimulated by the consciousness of abundance.

TIP FIVE: keep fresh fruit out in the kitchen as a symbol of abundance. personally, I love oranges – they are happy, bright, and bursting full of the sweet life. xo