simple shui tip: choose your focus

work spaces – whether they are located in or away from your home – are spaces and places ripe for a few shui adjustments that can make a mighty BIG difference in your professional or creative forecast.

where and how your desk is situated, what’s on your desk, and things you share the space with have impressive influence over this energetic power spot – and in your life!

here’s one way to start consider your working spots…

when we need to lean into linear thinking or getting a project *squared away*, a square or rectangular working space reinforces that objective and outcome. likewise, when it’s time to do some *out of the box* musing, a round table will get those ideas swirling round!

the same holds true for something as simple as a lighting source. when I am working on something that needs my full attention or I want to spotlight it (to reinforce its importance), I flip on the task light while working at my desk. if I am looking for more ideas – think: sources of illumination – I might light a candle, turn on a lamp, and favor a room with a mirror that reflects those. bottom line: a few sources of light will help you feel more enlightened! xo