simple shui tip: clear the way!

clutter is insidious. it tricks us into thinking the work ahead of us (clearing it) is harder than the challenges it creates for us, so we ignore it. we make intentions to deal with it later. we put it where we won’t see it, thinking that’ll help us feel a little better – but what we really experience is all that resistance and overwhelm creeping into other places of our lives. the clutter we dread and avoid is often infiltrating our happiness. meanwhile, the more we resist dealing with those postponed decisions and piles of procrastination, the more we compromise our own energy. the cycle will continue until something disrupts it.

what i know for sure is this: it requires high energy to provoke positive change in our lives.

the good news: when we confront it, we get to the source of what sabotages so much of our personal energy. and once it is dealt with and gone, it feels like we’ve won the lottery. (this is why we LOVE a good “before and after” home renovation show!) our personal energy gets more than a few new sparks. we don’t feel foggy about our decisions anymore. we find exciting opportunities presenting themselves to us. and we literally see the world in a completely new way. xo