simple shui tip: command matters

i often emphasize the importance of a desk (as well as the bed) being arranged according to command.


with command, we achieve two things:

ONE: when we sit / sleep with our back to the door (or with a compromised view of the door), our subconscious hovers on high alert – watching for any potential surprises or threats. we’re wired this way, by the way – it isn’t a conscious decision or effort.

the point of Feng Shui is ultimately to shore up as much positive chi possible so you live a long, happy life – and a drip, drip, drip “on guard watch” every day is not shoring up chi; it’s leaking it.

“command” nourishes and enriches the nervous system; out of command compromises and diminishes it.

TWO: open space in front of you means you have plenty of room to “gather, seize and take advantage” of auspicious chi heading your way as well as the ability to quickly respond to any challenges approaching.

bottom line: command matters.

now, i know this arrangement isn’t economical in all spaces, so for now, here’s another way to “shore up” that supportive chi instead: use the command configuration wherever you venture this year – from where you sit in restaurants and boardrooms to any spaces where you want to feel more in control.

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