simple shui tip: cultivate your comfort zone!

assess what is already happening in your surroundings:

a small room is yin, and a large room is yang.

if a space feels hushed and intimate, it is yin. those noisy and bustling spots are absolutely yang.

if the view out a window is a natural setting – trees, a mountain, ocean view, or undisturbed land, it provides yin energy. if you look out a window and see buildings, houses, or a street, it is yang.

is the ceiling low? that’s yin. if it’s high, that’s yang.

is the art on your wall small? that favors yin energy. oversized pieces are yang.

are you the new plant lady? yin. not so much of a green thumb? yang.

how about the number of pillows on the bed (or couch)? if you like a generous welcoming committee of cushion, yin. if you prefer one or two, yang.

what about that book collection? shelves upon shelves is yin, and a restrained collection is yang.

if you tend to group several things together, that’s very yin. if you prefer a more minimalist vibe, it’s all yang.

how much open floor space do you have? if you’re on the light side, yin. if you have ample space, yang.

instead of favoring one over the other, go for a 60 / 40 balance – favoring yang in the rooms you want to feel energized and extroverted, and leaning into yin where you want to unwind and shut down! keep this balance in mind, and you’ll find yourself cultivating the ultimate comfort zone. xo