simple shui tip: double your money with a mirror

a mirror in your office (or creative space) is always welcome because it keeps the room (and YOU!) energized. this is particularly helpful when it seems like business has slowed down; you’re in a creative rut; the struggle with writer’s block is real; or you’re feeling creatively parched.

mirrors expand space, bringing it to life. the more active a space is, the more stimulated we feel – so, this one addition is a simple prescription for triggering new ideas and stoking creative stamina.

here are two of my favorite temporary adjustments (and, NO!, you don’t need or want to do both):

no. 1: making money on your mind? hang a mirror across from where you sit (or work) so that it is facing you, and this will help your financial forecast improve.

no. 2: hang a mirror on both sides of you while you work. the mirrors don’t need to stay up permanently, so if this throws off your aesthetic, think of them like short-term company – here for just a quick stay until you feel improvements happening.

for either suggestion, the mirrors do need to be big enough that you could glance at them and see yourself in them.

here’s what’s at play: mirrors get energy bouncing around +/or back and forth (which is why these are short-term suggestions), and that chi revival leaves you feeling motivated, noticing more momentum in your work, and generating new ideas and opportunities as a result!

have Qs? want to learn more ways to work with mirrors? (I have a whole notebook of them!)

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