simple shui tip: flourish at home!

want a few ways to make your home “flourish-friendly!”:

TIP ONE: PRACTICE DE-CLUTTERING DAILY. if a task takes less than 5 minutes, don’t put it off until later.

TIP TWO: SHOP FOR INSPIRATION. if you don’t have space for something, reconsider it. there is a constant, pulsating need today to always have more. yet the more things we acquire, the emptier we feel. and when our homes are stuffed, there is no room for new growth or fresh opportunity to show up. a little empty space here and there manifests possibilities, so shop for inspiration, not stuff.

TIP THREE: KEEP THINGS OFF THE FLOOR. floors represent our how we “travel through life” so it really helps to not weigh them down with unnecessary stuff. when stuff lingers on the ground, it pulls our attention (and energy!) down. practice a daily ritual of returning things to their designated nooks.

TIP FOUR: PONDER THE PRESENT. whatever is happening at eye level relates to the present moment. take inventory of what you see as you walk through your space. whatever commands attention matters. does it reflect your intentions and ambitions? is its story one you love? if it could talk, does it compromise or elevate your feelings? excavate. explore. and edit your space so it reflects what brings you gigantic love.

TIP FIVE: MAKE YOUR STORY HAPPEN. what does your “stuff” say about you? is it consistent with what you’re seeking in life? what would your life look like if you blazed those trails? initiate those changes as if you are living and loving that life right now. start with a spot that could use your undivided attention, and follow that thread. xo