simple shui tip: get curious about your clutter

where clutter lives in your home is very revealing about how its extracting energy from your life, and knowing that can be very compelling and motivating, so here are a few insights to give you an idea of what clutter “here” might cost you, especially as you start thinking about any spring (or fall) cleaning:

clutter at the front door / entry of our home and throughout its passageways translates into feeling like there are obstacles in our way that keep us from “getting where we want.” clear this space before setting any new intentions or calling in fresh opportunities!

clutter in the attic says responsibility weighs heavily on you – and could hint that you might find success intimidating. give yours a good purge and your manifestation game just got interesting!

clutter in the bathroom interferes with elimination and any general health issues. so, if you notice you have a hard time letting go of things, check those bathroom cabinets, counters and drawers. let go of what you don’t use or need, and you’ll be putting your best face forward!

clutter in the basement suggests that there are emotional issues from the past swirling and maybe even some procrastination processing them. don’t let fear ride shotgun with you into the new year – push those sleeves up and give the space a confident edit!

clutter in the garage can amplify procrastination and inefficiency in your life. make room for the opportunities you’re calling your way by sprucing and straightening up yours!

whether it’s too many things in a small space or an unorganized space, ask yourself: WHAT AM I REALLY TRYING TO ACHIEVE WITH THIS SPACE? and see if what you’re holding onto supports or drains that purpose and its potential.

curious to hear even more clutter revelations? there’s an entire whole module on it in my *Become Your Own Feng Shui Consultant* course – grab your seat and get started! xo