simple shui tip: get out of the dark

one of the things I assess during a consult is any dark spots in the home (or office) – and note them according to the bagua map. why? consider what light eliminates: uncertainty, low energy, not being seen, not seeing clearly…

dark spots suggest a deficit in visibility, which tells me my client might not being seeing opportunities in that area of their life!

this isn’t meant to be interpreted as needing to have all the lights on all the time. rather, think of it as an opportunity to see if there are spaces where you’re tolerating little / no light – and ponder what is possible if you can lighten those spaces up.

and if there are spaces / places that don’t have great natural light +/or windows, here are a few of my favorite remedies:

TIP ONE: use vibrant colors in the décor. paint the room a light color, go for bright artwork, or hang a vibrant tapestry on the wall.

TIP TWO: introduce the element Metal in the space. add pops of white, bring in metallic accents (to reflect the light available), or keep a few crystals on your desk. (want to learn more about the element Metal? watch episode 16 of SHUI TIME!)

TIP THREE: spice the space with invigorating scents, like eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon, or orange essential oils.

TIP FOUR: supplement the room with artificial light. lamps or imagery of the sun will perk your office up, too!

TIP FIVE: play with twinkling lights to – in the words of Mary J. Blige – get it percolatin’! this quick fix will incorporate a shot of yang energy into the room and infuse an excellent pick-me-up in that area of your life! xo