simple shui tip: get *red*y!

red is associated with good fortune, prosperity and happiness. it is also symbolic of blood and life force. this hue also stimulates good chi which expels inauspicious energy. and because it is the color associated with Fire, we can deliberately work with it to rev up courage and confidence – the kind that gets noticed! so, if you’re in the mood to stir up a few lucky opportunities, red is the gal to get you warmed up and ready for action.

you might…

splurge on a few bundles of crimson flowers and punctuate your space with this “red-iness”!

woo the sizzle (back) into your love life with a pair of red candles in the bedroom.

write your goals in red ink, and place a pointed quartz crystal on top of them. (this combo amplifies their energy and expedites their fruition.)

work with the 9 red tea light candles ritual to fire up and draw attention your way. (you can find those instructions over here.)

place 9 coins in a red envelope, and put them under the front door mat to symbolize money walking into your life.

and if you really want to glam it up, grab a few red ribbons (I encourage ribbons measured out in an increment of 9 – like, 9 centimeters or inches) and tie them to your indoor plant or tree branches. just be sure to do this with a corresponding intention so that this “ornamentation” is working in your favor! (by the way, this is a client FAVORITE and one they keep working with long after our consult wraps!) xo