simple shui tip: go for equal “footing”

while we don’t need things to be *matchy matchy* in a shared spaces (like the bedroom), similar proportions help cater to equitable relationships.

a common challenge (that I see on consultations) is when one side of the bed has more floor space than the other. it suggests that one person “holds” more ground and feels more prioritized than the other in that relationship.

this isn’t something transactional, so it’s not always immediately noticeable. rather, it is a subtle “energetic conversation” that – over time – uplifts the person with more *room* while slowly diminishing the *amount of space* the other feels they can take up.

I know not all spaces cater to having an “ideal” layout when it comes to Feng Shui, so if this is you, try this:

move the bed away from the wall a few inches (if possible) to create a little more space, or…

consider a smaller bed if you are currently in a king bed (if the opportunity presents).

as for kiddos’ beds, many prefer being up against the wall (as it feels “safe”), so don’t worry about applying this to their beds. however, as they become teens, pulling the bed away from the wall will help them feel like they’re “taking up more space” – which can boost self-esteem and encourage their confidence.

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