simple shui tip: location, location, location!

here are 5 ways to give your office a little more shui-shine:

TIP ONE: pay attention to your desk size – a “too big” desk will feel like you’re *not up for the challenges*; a “too small” desk will feel put a limit on your aspirations.

BONUS: if you are someone who wants to be more ambitious, go for a desk that feels a bit bigger than what you’re comfortable with…

TIP TWO: no heavy boxes (or piles of stuff) on the floor; otherwise, you will weigh business and prospects down.

TIP THREE: keep a task lamp on your desk to spotlight and energize important projects!

TIP FOUR: give yourself due recognition and hang your awards, accomplishments and accolades in the middle of the back wall of your office – this is your FAME zone, sweets!

TIP FIVE: sit in command – a solid wall behind you and facing the door with full view of anyone coming into your office. xo