simple shui tip: out with the old!

here are a few quick energetic clearing and cleansing options for you to try when your space feels more dull than dazzle!

SMILE: simply cracking a genuine smile releases high decibel energy, and its electricity rearranges the air around us like nothing else.

MOVE 27 THINGS: you know the drill, right? this is energy revival 101. (see yesterday’s post!)

SWEEP: out with the old, in with new – and the most practical magic EVER.

CLAP YOUR HANDS: walk clockwise through each room of your house and clap in all its corners. this disturbs unwanted energy. voice what you would like to clear from the space as you’re clapping. once the whole house has been “clapped” down (don’t forget the garage), wash your hands and arms up to your elbows to ensure none of the *muddy* energy stays with you.

SAY SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL: words are full expressions of energy, and every utterance we make carries its own power. so, use yours intentionally and they will become a gravitational force for good.

OPEN A WINDOW: the great outdoors recalibrate us on a cellular level – a feeling that is always more powerful than we expect.

GET SALTY: sprinkle salt peripherally around your rooms; across thresholds (the transition from one room into another); and especially in corners where stagnant energy accumulates. leave it for 24 hours, so it can absorb and cleanse the energy. at the 24-hour mark, dispose of it. repeat as necessary.

SMOKE CLEANSE: it is believed smoke carries our prayers to heaven, and blessings follow the smoke’s path back down to us. so, whether you work with an herb bundle, resin, or incense, be sure to open windows so any energy not harmonizing has a clear exit route!