simple shui tip: pass the salt, please!

a tip I learned from Lillian Too…

give your kitchen a salty wipe down (at least once a year). this cleansing effort clears any lingering negative chi that might have settled here. it also keeps any of those gremlins from attaching to you.

why the kitchen?

it is known as the “seat of health and wealth” in shui, so this is an economic way to give both those areas of your life a zhuzh!

why salt?

+ it connects to the salt in our sweat, tears and blood, so it is an organic influencer of our own chi.

+ salt also promotes healthy finances. did you know the Romans paid their soldiers with salt because it was such a valuable commodity and something only available to the wealthy? in fact, the word “salary” is derived from the Latin word for salt.

+ almost everyone has this one ingredient in their home, so salt is a shui friendly resource at your fingertips!

all you need is a damp cloth, some salt (I work with rock or Epsom), and a little elbow grease. dip your cloth into the salt, and wipe down everything – countertops, cupboards, and floors (obviously testing or avoiding any surfaces that might have a reaction to the salt) – with the intention of extracting and eliminating old chi.

BONUS TIP: I use this cleanse after any home repair / improvement happens here!

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