simple shui tip: plant some seed money

the front door is like a signature marquee — we set the tone here for everything possible beyond its threshold. so, when you’re wanting to rig life in your favor, this path and portal to you is one of the BEST starting places (when it comes to shui!).

so, on that note, how about a few of my favorite ways to accentuate the energy of whatever you’re calling your way?


roses are considered to have one of the highest frequencies of all tangible things, making them an uplifting guiding system to our front door. when I have a bouquet where most of the blooms have wilted but there are a few rose buds still professing LOVE, I sprinkle a few petals along our front door path.

no. 2: BIRD SEED

birds are a powerful symbol of opportunities, so keeping their company is believed to attract financial opportunities, good news, and welcome career luck. if you keep them coming back, lady luck will practically move in with you! if you don’t have a bird feeder, sprinkling a little seed along your path works, too – start at the curb or street and lead the seed to your front door.

(note: this will cause sprouting in your garden beds / yard, so if you don’t want that happening, skip this suggestion or wait to do this one during the winter.)


speaking of seed, if you could use some “seed” money for a project, bury a few coins in your garden beds or porch plants; alternatively, you could plant some crystals – like citrine, the stone of luck – instead! xo