simple shui tip: ring a bell!

a bell is one of the most reliable tools for energetic housekeeping – simply ringing a bell around a room or your house yanks up (*yangs* up) the chi and immunizes your space from low-grade energy. so, if things feel off but you don’t have time (or the inclination) to smoke clear, ring a bell around the room and it’ll revive the energy – bada bing, bada BOOM!

and while we’re on the topic…

bells can also be employed for safety and protection, so keeping one or a strand on the front door is smart shui. the rub here is any unwanted energies “attached” to your guests will be frightened away when they hear the bells ring upon entering your house. but let me make this even simpler – bells on the door or handle announce when someone is coming into your space, so think of it as simple shui security!

one more reason to keep bells on the front door? in shui, we emphasize using the front door to call opportunities our way. when we add a bell into the mix, it sends your energy OUT into the world with every jingle! so, consider this a simple shui power move – set an intention, use the front door to welcome new energy in, and trust the bells are helping hustle it home to you.

(check out Twig and Stone for fabulous options!)

and if the front door isn’t your jam, keep a bell on your desk in the Wealth corner and ring it when you’re ready to summon a little somethin’ somethin’ your way. or, place a bell here with the intention of “calling in” abundance. any money that comes in (checks, cash, *profitable* financial statements) can be put under the bell until you deposit / spend / file it. xo