simple shui tip: ring new opportunities your way!

looking to change careers but undecided between different options? when you’re in BIG change mode, here’s a little shui help:

TIP ONE: clarity doesn’t abide where clutter lives, so if you’re due for a good edit, start there – especially if you’re trying to discern and distinguish what you really want to do. and remember, horizontal surfaces (counters, desk, nightstand) are creativity landing zones – if yours aren’t seeing the light of day, your best ideas aren’t either! clutter breeds ambiguity, and that’s the opposite of clarity.

TIP TWO: the middle of a home influences all the energy around it – which means every room in a home and every corner of your life. so, clean it. organize it. place something fresh here. program it to feel positive, and it will influence similar outcomes in your life! if you can’t tend to the center of your home, strengthen the center of the “popular” rooms in your house with fresh flowers or fruit, a beautiful piece of art or textile, or even a candle.

TIP THREE: hang a bell inside your front door or office door. a bell on your front door calls opportunities your way, and a bell on the office door clears passage for clarity around a new career path. empower this remedy by hanging the bell(s) with red string. (i am LOVING the bells over @twigandstone!)

TIP FOUR: look for metaphors that play to strength. what embodies this for you? this can look different for everyone, so to get that creative musing going…for me, these are usually stories (books or visual representation) of resiliency, perseverance and success. i also prioritize HIGH QUALITY because i find that something that endures the test of time possesses impressive strength. xo