simple shui tip: shake out your front door mat!

here are 3 things you can do this week to LOVE up on your door that are simple, straightforward and smart:

no. 1: give your front porch a good sweep, but don’t stop there! make sure you sweep the pathway to the door, too. this combo is how opportunity “travels” to and finds YOU!

no. 2: give your front door mat a quick, hearty shake. and if it’s seen *better days*, replace it. likewise, if it feels too small for the door, replace it with something a little bigger so that bigger opportunities land in your life. (don’t get too carried away here – too big will create its own set of challenges.)

no. 3: find a little pop of color to add to the front door, ensuring it grabs the eye – wherever the eye goes, energy (opportunities and luck) follows! xo