simple shui tip: shui with the new moon!

today’s post is inspired by that convo on what i do every time a new moon wanes into town…

TIP ONE: there is real resuscitation that comes with doing a quick de-cluttering around your house. I say it often – open space gives room for prosperity (energy, enthusiasm, money, opportunities, +/or the instincts to follow them) to come into, move around and FLOURISH in your life. if you have nagging clutter – even the kind that comes from the “everyday-a-thon” that happens to us all – consider it might be sabotaging whatever refreshments (hope, possibility, invitation for change) you’re trying to entice your way. and then say it with me: progress, not perfection, is the goal!

TIP TWO: if shoes pile up by the front door or you’ve got stacks of unopened mail / deliveries by the door, give them a new home. otherwise, you are congesting the mouth of chi – the mouth of chi (aka: your front door) where opportunity and auspicious luck enters your life.

shoes piled up by the door symbolically represent money, opportunity and luck walking out of it. (if they’re in a tray, you’re okay.)

boxes (or floor clutter in general) absorb that incoming energy and slow it from getting to you as robustly as it could.

TIP THREE: clean out the refrigerator. put out a bowl of fresh fruit on the dining / kitchen table. the kitchen is considered the *seat of wealth and health* in Feng Shui, so the one-two here is you cleanse the space and then give it a HIGH VIBE infusion of chi!

TIP FOUR: on most new moons, I refresh a pinch of sea salt in my wallet. salt draws energy to it, and wallet energy is money mojo. even better? this ritual will help you to keep your wallet clean, too.

want even more tips? give this episode a listen! xo