simple shui tip: stoke your prosperity!

wish abundance would fancy you more? a good place to start is in your kitchen – and your first stop: the stove and oven!

here are a few of my favorite ways to have these powerhouses stoking prosperity in your favor…

TIP ONE: clean the oven. it is representative of our personal energy and financial prowess, so it helps BIG time to keep it clean. we all crave the “magical” remedies, i know. but getting elbow deep and scrubbing yours ‘til its polished and pretty will take you (and your abundance potential!) leaps and bounds.

TIP TWO: edit any “clutter” around yours – toss expired spices and lackluster cabinet / pantry goods. make this a seasonal ritual, and you’ll buy less of what you don’t need, creating ample room for what you LOVE.

TIP THREE: stoke a little prosperity in your favor! ever heard the more burners your stove has, the wealthier you are? ‘tis true if you use them. what i typically see (and hear from clients) is one favorite burner being used all the time. the rest? untapped prosperity. maximize your earning potential by stoking all your burners once a day, even if only for a few seconds!

TIP FOUR: place a mirror behind the stove. a stove’s burners represent your prosperity so you gotta rotate through all of them evenly to maximize auspicious opportunities. as for the mirror, it reflects and doubles that prosperity. if a mirror isn’t your thing, use a shiny teakettle instead. during an interview for an online seminar years ago, the host told me she did this cure when her business wasn’t selling. the next day, after hanging a mirror by her stove top, she had a full-asking offer on the table!

TIP FIVE: perfect a family recipe. the kitchen (as a whole) is synonymous with wealth. why? the universe perceives us abundant when we feed and feast with others. using the stove / oven also warms a house, and this is especially auspicious for calling in fruitful relationships! even better? any good-spirited gathering kicks low vibe tail out of your space. bottom line: happy faces equal happy spaces. xo