simple shui tip: work your wealth magic

one of my favorite aspects about the Wealth gua is it holds the energy to accumulate abundance – which includes prosperity, well-being, fortune and blessings, our money mindset and sense of worth.

so, here are a few ways to give yours a little *activation*:

TIP ONE: if your wealth area is missing or has a back door located in its range (which translates into money sometimes escaping!), place a plant near the missing space.

TIP TWO: clear any clutter that suggests “poor me”; “not enough”; +/or anything that is broken. shui is metaphorical, so edit your wealth area accordingly.

TIP THREE: wealth begins with your consciousness of abundance, so pursue quality items for your space. practice gratitude for loving “what you’ve got”! honor rituals – like buying fresh flowers – that suggest “i’m worth it!”.

TIP FOUR: the Wealth gua is connected to the first chakra. so, if self-worth is something you struggle with, your Wealth gua can be of service. I like to pair a gentle, reassuring essential oil with this life area since we have the ability to shift the chi through our sense of smell. I particularly LOVE rose, grapefruit, or even lavender for this, but choose what makes you feel most supported so your best self can come to the surface!

TIP FIVE: Wealth is the back left-hand corner of your home (if you’re standing at the front door looking into your house) or the Southeast corner (if you practice Compass). now, pay attention to chi’s journey through your space. if it has to hurdle clutter or nagging distractions to reach your Wealth gua, incoming chi refreshments are weakened by the time they *get here* – which means your abundance area isn’t getting the wattage it deserves!

got Qs or an appetite for more? I have a 6-week feast waiting for you – and trust me, it is brimming with ideas and insights like these. xo