simple shui x sandoval: LOVE is in the air!

LOVE transforms.

LOVE replenishes.

LOVE opens us to adventures and wild possibilities.

LOVE asks for unplanned magic.

LOVE has oomph and velocity.

LOVE believes we deserve something better.

LOVE brings attention to our lives.

LOVE supports choices and experiences that are meaningful and make us love life fiercely.

LOVE is our own magic.

and one of my favorite ways to LOVE up on our home is to give every room one WOW factor – this detail animates the space and lifts its confidence almost immediately! I have a few “moves” I keep on repeat — folding in one of my favorite mists from Studio Sandoval — so let one (or all) of them nudge you to do the same!

NO. 1: I typically start the day here with a signature scent, and the easiest way of all to do this is with a house spray you LOVE! spritz, spritz, and LOVE is in the air!

NO. 2: I’m a BIG advocate for keeping passion on display in a home – and if I can see / read the word LOVE, it feels like a BONUS points *win* for the room and us!

NO. 3: I spritz our linens and closets with a little LOVE, keeping those corners and nooks as revitalized as the rest of our house!

NO. 4: speaking of sheets, I LOVE giving our bedding a light LOVE misting — “programming” the room to “prefer” relaxation mode.

NO. 5: all around our home, I strive to *keep company* with energy we adore – and I find supporting small businesses and their goods delivers exactly that! so, it absolutely delights me to invite that vision, hard work and manifestation into our home.

and now that there’s a little LOVE (Aromatic Mist) in the air, if you’re ready to add its verve to your home rituals, head over to Studio Sandoval and use SHUILOVE25 for some holiday savings on this collection! xo