simple shui x sandoval: PEACE out!

as the holiday glitterati nears, now is the time to curate the calm before its full-tilt whirlwind blows in. which means, if you start now, you can program your home to be *peace* full so chaos doesn’t stand a chance.

and I am going to let you in on one of my little secrets this time of year: Sandoval’s Peace Aromatic Mist.

if you know, you know that I am obsessed with Frankincense and Palo Santo. so, for me to have those two powerhouses on hand and mingling in a bottle – ooh-la-LOVE! and may I just say that they are the perfect “bouncers” for any home, any time…but particularly grand this time of year! as in, unwanted energy, you need to move right along!

added to them is Sandalwood that helps us keep our wits, and a little Patchouli, too, for encouraging more stress-free decisions and prioritizing breathing room for ourselves.

so, between now and the end of the year, I have a little ritual that start my day with – and this is giving our home a quick dose of Peace. three spritzes per room, and we’re set!

during the rest of the year, here are 6 more ways I LOVE to work with this magic in a bottle:

1 / I take the concentrate mist with me everywhere! I leave one in the car; stash another in my carry on; and keep a bottle in my purse. it’s my refreshment on the go!

2 / I mist our bedroom before bed so I can slip into a long exhale that helps me catch those Zzzzs.

3 / last minute company? I head upstairs and spritz the rooms back to life, knowing that the medley of Frank, Palo, Sandy and Patch will descend downstairs, delighting the air with a touch of invigoration.

4 / if it’s been a minute since Ruby’s last grooming appointment, instead of Febreze, it’s Peace “out” for those odors here.

5 / when my day is loaded with calls or commitments, I get up between those conversations or tasks to spritz my office in all 4 corners. when I sit back down at my desk, I take a few deep breaths before resuming anything. (this one is a repeat as necessary!)

6 / when I want to layer the house with a scent that greets me when I come home, it’s Peace I reach for first.

want a peek of me at home with Peace? you can take a look-see here!

and if you’d like a little *Peace* with every breath you take this holiday season (and then some!), use the code SHUIPEACE25 when checking out, and you’ll save some dolla – HOLLA!

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and on that note, I’ll be back in November with another simple shui x Sandoval darling! until then, Peace out! xo