Tell Me a Story…

One of my favorite ways to engage my daughters is to take turns while telling a story. We each share a sentence or two, and a story slowly builds. It is a fantastic way to get their creative juices flowing and ignite problem solving skills. They have their favorite characters that seem to make repeat performances in every story we tell…but, all in all, the game is a riot.

Last weekend, I bounced into a new local boutique, and wouldn't you know, I came across some eeBoo cards titled "Tell Me a Story." Similar to a pack of game cards, these picture cards are prompts, if you will, for playing the exact same storytelling game. I bought a pack and brought them home. They have been a HOT item around here, and while my girls like to put them in order of the story they want to tell, I am certain in the weeks to come, they will take more risks and tell a story based around random cards drawn.

Tms_forest_sm[1] Tms_circus_sm[1] Tms_fairy_sm[1]

I have been an eeBoo fan for years so I speak from experience when I say this company is worth every penny you might pay to buy one of their products. The "Tell Me a Story" cards are $10, and there are 4 different theme packs. Whether you need a birthday gift or would like a new game to have handy over the summer, these cards are certain to make us all just a pinch more creative!