the one thing keeping you from de-cluttering completely!

let’s talk about predecessor chi. the kind you probably aren’t considering. 


(quick definition: predecessor chi is energy residue from a previous owner – and it can linger in a space or within an item, subtly affecting your mood and behavior.)

the reason i typically caution against big purges and one-fell-swoop decluttering weekends rarely has to do with the amount of geography that will be covered — although that alone can make this *goal* exhausting on a physical level. 

it has more to do with understanding predecessor — or previous — energy. 

when we relegate things to a closet or space because we don’t know what to do with them, we are in a specific feeling state when we postpone that decision.


out of options
at our wits’ end
fear of guilt
a sense of obligation

ask yourself why something in your pile of clutter is still hanging around, and my guess? you get a whiff of that original feeling and immediately (without even realizing why) feel resistant to revisiting it.

and instead of confronting it, you continue postpone dealing with it.

which is why when we attempt to tackle a closet of clutter, we look at it, maybe even complain about the sheer volume of it, but miss the real saboteur in the room. 


which is YOU confronting YOU. 

the energy we are in when we *store* something remains with that thing vibrationally. then, when things don’t get used, the energy grows *dusty* and heavy. 

that’s why we can feel SO stuck when we confront the clutter.

we are dealing with stagnant energy on top of multiple past versions of ourselves. 

and this is really why we tend to avoid it. 

now, is the true for everyone all of the time?

not at all. 

most of us can relate to a moment in our lives when we had a radical change of heart and we were just done — done with a habit, a person, or a way of being. we suddenly have a full head of clarity, and nothing can stop us. clutter can be that thing, too. and when that happens, i say purge away! 

but, if you have a case of chronic clutter, here are more than a few ways you can get started to clear it out! xo