there’s no time like the present | the 2023 simple shui gift guide

’tis the season for packages tied up with string, and because I LOVE merry-making, I have a few suggestions that are sure to feel good giving.

now, whether you swoon for this list (or not), a helpful reminder…

when it comes to giving with peace of mind and plenty of purpose, keep your gifting in one of these sweet spots – edibles, experiences, expendables, entertainment, or education – and yours is forever safe from becoming forgotten, recycled, or banished to a clutter pile!

and on that note, here’s what makes the Simple Shui | Gift Well Guide for 2023:

GIFT ONE: I am OBSESSED with Bunkhouse hotels, which explains why I have not one, but two of their bathrobes. the color, the light fabric, the delight of having them part of my morning routines – they do not disappoint. pair it with this (for those who adore their baths) or that (for those the shower babes in your life), and it’s an exhale for everyone!

GIFT TWO: there are a couple things I adopted in Vancouver, and one of them was this Smudge spray. I literally packed 10+ bottles every time I came home (after visiting the lovelies) and spun so much happiness from gifting them. trust me, the scent and smudge are almost impossible to top – and people will be asking your lucky recipient how they can get their hands on a bottle for themselves!

GIFT THREE: if you’ve been following along this fall, you know I have the biggest crush on Studio Sandoval – their products have been staples in our home for-like-ever. lucky you, we’ve been collaborating this season – see these posts: WoodTranscendPeace, and Love. so, if gifting beautifully bottled magic feels like a YES, hop to those links and take advantage of the shui savings while they’re still up for grabs!

GIFT FOUR: I promised my lovelies when they moved away that I wouldn’t turn into the empty nester wearing “dog mom” shirts all the time. however, no one mentioned anything about dressing the dog up! I am a loyal Foggy Dog patron – and Ruby has the lady bows to prove it. these are my favorite, but this looks the absolute best on her. trust me, the dog parents in your life will adore these “new looks.”

GIFT FIVE: I’ve mentioned one of the best parts about my BYOFSC and House Therapy community is the insider scoop we get on things we never knew about – and here’s a perfect example:

one of our House Therapists taught an aromatherapy workshop over the summer, and the Q & A afterwards veered into teas, which is how we were all introduced to Magic Hour. and behold…the site, its packaging, every blend, and the smattering of mocktail recipes are all EXQUISITE. set aside some time to be wooed. Ruby Moon is my favorite, and I LOVE adding a cinnamon stick to my cuppa – so, bundle the two, and it’s a 5-star review for YOU!

GIFT SIX: speaking of tea, you’re gonna want a mug – and this mug is my idea of perfection. (plus, they’re on sale right now!) my husband and I have such different preferences when it comes to our coffee cups – he loves these. either way, you’re supporting small businesses (LOVE that!) and gifting something sure to become part of your loved one’s daily ritual!

GIFT SEVEN: I’ve been a long-time fan of Ashley and Fierce Forward, so I am often nudging people her way. this time, I am nudging YOU to consider these earrings for your *must be bejeweled* friend. and here’s why: if you know, you know that I LOVE big baubles, but all my travel back and forth to Vancouver quickly became streamlined, so I limited myself to this pair – and I got compliments (still do!) every single place I went donning them.

GIFT EIGHT: after wrapping my Tarot intensive learning weekend in October, I started discerning decks completely differently – and now I have a few favorites that I actually reach for consistently. at the top of the stack is THIS beauty. trust me, if you (or a loved one) pull cards, prepare to swoon repeatedly.

GIFT NINE: I have no idea how I ended up on his feed, but Benny Cruz is a new favorite artist for me – and I bought this as soon as I scrolled across it. honestly, the most adored “items” in our home are the original works of art, so if you want to gift something sure to become a hall of fame favorite, art is always a good place to start!

also, I mentioned to Benny that he was part of my 2023 guide, and he extended a 25% discount on his Manhattan maps to anyone who mentions *amanda*! how’s that for fa-la-la-LOVE?

GIFT TEN: this little shop has made the list every year since 2014, so if you feel like you’ve got déjà vu, you’re not wrong! I am still a raving fan for how slurp worthy this stuff is. and having bought bottle after bottle after bottle, I say with every ounce of confidence: you can’t go wrong with any pairing. my favorites are thisthis, and that!

GIFT ELEVEN: don’t underestimate the delight factor that comes with this sea salt in a bucket because it truly is the multi-tasking, multi-fascinating gift. you can put a little on the salad, a sprinkle on hot bread, a dash on chocolate ice cream, a scoop in the bath, a quick toss here and there around the house, a line across the doorstep…basically, this gift does EVERYTHING! and if you’ve got to bring a hostess (or housewarming) gift, this is it!

and on that note…

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, friends! I wish for you an indulgence of JOY over these last few weeks of 2023. it’s been a whirl of a year, and I am SO grateful for each of you here – so, truly, a chef’s kiss to you and you and YOU! xo