what my weekend in Savannah reminded me…

I am fresh off a trip to Savannah, home now with a flurry of feelings.

one of our lovelies will be heading there soon to start a production design program, so we spent a long weekend together wandering the town and school campus.

for her – and I quote – “the vibes were vibing.”

for me, I was consumed by so many BIG hits of inspiration.

one, it took me back to a little over 10 years ago when I first met Savannah as part of an executive retreat, revisiting the magic that trip entailed.

I met one of my best friends ever.


the many women in that group continue to be a network of support and font of encouragement. it was the first time I “pronounced” myself (in front of strangers) as a Feng Shui practitioner – and it only took off from there!

two, while we were on the college campus, my lovely and I were surrounded by creatives – and it was instantly palpable just how potent your creativity becomes when you’re surrounded by similarly driven people. it is a natural and inevitable consequence that your creativity will only unleash and get better in the presence of more of it.

three, thinking of both experiences (mine many years ago and the one now awaiting our lovely), I found myself steeping in the simple truth that investing in yourself pays the best dividends.

it is so hard to trust we’re worth the investment of our resources – whether that’s time, money or our effort.

it’s even harder to take the leap of belief that an investment in ourselves will “pay off.”

yet, these “spaces” with new faces are where we actually turn a new leaf, begin to see ourselves in a delightfully unfamiliar way, and breathe into the possibility that this risk can actually become our lifestyle.

it’s exactly what I see happen – every single time – in my live classes and Q & As.

the students come together, some new, some who’ve taken the course multiple times. and somewhere before the third module, there’s connection, community and meaningful conversation happening. I take care of the shui, knowing the group is going to elevate the hospitality happening during these six weeks together.


if you have been curious how to work with Feng Shui in your home…

if you’re on the fence whether the investment is “worth it”…

if you’re wondering if six weeks of conversations and learning can really change your life…

you are absolutely in the right place.

you’re going to understand Feng Shui better than you can even fathom right now – as one of my past students said, “I’ve learned more in 6 weeks than I have in 20 years!”

you’ll fall in LOVE with your home in fabulously new ways, and that will change E’RRRYTHING! another student said, after taking the course, “I am more optimistic and content, where I was dissatisfied with everything only 8 weeks ago.”


speaking of real-time expectations, I’ll share one more student note: “Moving the desk into command position was a game changer. I’ve felt more motivated at work, and opportunities for me to show my potential started to present themselves. Last week, I had my annual performance review and the feedback was amazing. My manger struggled to find anything to add as constructive criticism and I’ve been given a very strong performance rating and pay raise!”

my live classes of Become Your Own Feng Shui Consultant start next week – Tuesday, April 23rd at 11 am CT.

you can get your seat here.

and then, watch your inbox for an email with all the live class Zoom links (going out later this week!).

the countdown is officially ON! xo