what’s in your wallet?

what’s in your wallet? not only does it symbolize your financial potential and prowess, it also speaks to that financial freedom we all LOVE. so, give yours a good purge and cleaning. and before you snap it shut, add ONE of these to it to draw some cha-ching chi your way!

OPTION ONE: place a pinch of sea salt in your wallet. salt draws energy to it, and wallet energy is money mojo.

OPTION TWO: keep the bills in your wallet facing the same direction. if you have any foreign currency, put it in your wallet, too, as it speaks to international business! (this is something i can personally vouch for – i usually have a handful of 1:1 international clients and students at any given moment.) BONUS: my mentor, Ellen Whitehurst, always told me 27 one-dollar bills makes money magic happen. i’ve also heard a crisp $100 bill or 3 $100 bills work wonders, too!

OPTION THREE: place a stick of cinnamon in your wallet with the intention of earning and accepting money easily. (a pinch of cinnamon works, too – it’s just less *tidy*!)

OPTION FOUR: carrying basil leaves in your wallet is great for raising your money frequency – and you can take this even further if you put 8 basil leaves in there. the number ‘8” is highly auspicious, so it has its own way of calling prosperity and abundance in. (when drawn, ‘8’ is shaped similarly to the infinity sign, which is how infinite abundance is implied here.)

OPTION FIVE: place 3 I-Ching coins tied together with red string. 3 coins represent change, which is FAB when you’re ready to trigger something new in your life. ‘3’ is also highly suggestive of wealth, luck and prosperity. (check Etsy to source yours.)

none of these additions are short-cuts. money won’t magically and instantly appear. shui reliably triggers opportunity and lends a helping hand, but it does not do the work for you. so, just remember… your effort is a necessary and required ingredient when working with shui! xo