your top 10 favorite tips | a year in review

before we lose sight of 2022 in the rear view, how about a quick celebration and round-up of your most-liked simple shui tips last year?


THANK YOU SO MUCH for liking, sharing and commenting on these this year…your conversation, this community and the collaboration of shui ideas is absolute MAGIC!

and on that note, fancy faces, we’re starting with number 10 and counting our way to your most favorite tip of 2022…

TIP 10: desk “clutter” generates yin energy, and too much yin chi can create unnecessary emotion about work (or school). evaluate what you need out, and put the rest away.

TIP 9: place 9 red coins in a red envelope, and put it under your front door mat. the coins symbolize money walking into your life.

TIP 8: ring a bell around your house when you want to “yank up” its chi or immunize the space from low-grade energy.

TIP 7: doors speak to security. in Feng Shui, this extends to emotional security, so don’t let any jams, loose handles or squeaky hinges go untended for too long.

TIP 6: once a year, take everything off the walls and let them breathe.

TIP 5: when buying a mat for the front door, skip the monogramming. when your name is in the mat – which is meant to be walked on – your name is being walked on, too.

TIP 4: black is the color associated with water. Water is the element that represents fortune. this is why a black door is often interpreted as bringing wealth into the home.

TIP 3: create a weekly habit of returning things to designated spaces. it is the indecision of where things go that often overwhelms us. every single thing you own requires its own space.

TIP 2: water = money. water leak = money leak. slow water leak = slow but steady money leak.

bottom line: fix any water leaks!

and your most FAVORITE tip in 2022:

TIP ONE: add the element of water near your front door to “woo” more money into your life.

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