3 deep cleansing breaths for your home

“in some Native languages the term for plants translates to ‘those who take care of us.’”

Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass

when we work with Feng Shui, the overarching goal is – in many ways – to experience the fullness of our being, and we cater to that by creating an environment that optimizes us.
which is why one of the conversations i have with my Level One and Two groupies (DIY courses coming this summer!) is the importance of working with plants and flowers.
flowers and plants vibrate to different frequencies – frequencies that often contain healing properties to return our homes and bodies back to balance. 
as sensory brings, we are always taking in information through our many senses – which is why mindfully catering to them in our surroundings allows our nervous systems to fully relax. we *sense* that *life thrives* here.

so, today i want to share 3 simple ways you can incorporate this “care” into your space…

this “exercise” works best if you do it consistently.
when you are out for a run / walk, swimming at the lake, or even working in your garden – anywhere outside works! – focus on your in-breath as if you are drawing all that mama earth and any nearby green chi into your lungs. focus on the sensory details – colors, smells, sounds, etc. imagine all that chi filling you from the ground up. 
when you return home (or step inside), go to any of the guas or life areas you’re focused on improving / enhancing. sit in this space with a straight back. (good posture ensures energy travels through you more efficiently.) this time, focus on your exhale and imagine all that chi you gathered filling your surroundings with every out-breath. 
two helpful tips: it helps to start with a smaller space and work up to a bigger one. if you light a candle and keep it in front of you, it will help hold your concentration. 


this ritual is fabulous for your hive when the energy around you feels low or slow; you’re feeling a heavy dose of the blahs or blues; +/or you want to cultivate some new opportunities in a jiff!

you’ll be buying FRAGRANT FRESH flowers every 3 days for 9 days (or longer), so let’s get a couple logistics out of the way:

buy your first bundle today (day 1); buy the 2nd bundle on day 3; buy the 3rd bundle on day 6; 4th bundle on day 9; etc.  

the 1st bouquet will go in your bedroom.

the 2nd bouquet will go in the kitchen.

the 3rd bouquet goes in the living room.

and the 4th bouquet starts the sequence again – back in the bedroom. (alternatively, you can buy a bigger bundle of blooms, divide it into 3 vases, and place a small bundle in each room every 3 days.)

when any of the flowers die, return them to the earth (compost), if possible, or throw them out. what you want to avoid is any dead flower energy accumulating in the house.

now, with every new bouquet, reinforce it with your intention. give it a little high energy worship and prepare for some auspicious chi to shimmy into your life! 


essential oils directly interact with the part of our brains that governs emotions, memories, instincts and our moods. yet, with so many choices available, it’s easy to feel stressed by our options. so, if you like a curated selection, here is a favorite concoction of mine: the Moving Forward Blend.

you can diffuse this or use it in a roller blend (and apply to your heart chakra and wrists throughout the day).

you need Bergamot (10 drops), Frankincense (8 drops), Cypress (5 drops), and Vetiver (5 drops). either diffuse them or top up with Fractionated Coconut Oil into a roller bottle.

Bergamot promotes self-acceptance. it is uplifting, reassuring and restoring. it is also used to reduce stress levels as it enhances our mood and builds confidence.

Frankincense is a power oil i always have on hand! (it truly is my GO TO way to cleanse space!) it is calming. it eases anxiety and anxious thoughts. it dispels unwanted energy, and it encourages protection. 

Cypress helps us feel grounded so that we can be more confident and open to change. its scent is like energetic caffeine – giving us the right amount of motivation. and it also purifies the energy of the rooms we’re in!

Vetiver is known as my favorite oil ever (haha!) because it carries tranquility in its notes! it is reassuring, regenerating and earthy. i have recommended it to my clients for alllll the anxieties and insomnia struggles over the years, and they will tell you: it works well! xo