3 things to remove from your bedroom (according to Feng Shui)

when it comes to the bedroom, i can’t say this enough: if YOU aren’t a PRIORITY in yours, you’re missing out on being ‘seen’ as a PRIORITY in other areas of your life. more specifically, it is likely impacting your relationships in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. and to be even more specific, you might…

feel underappreciated in your current relationship.

believe no one notices you or take an interest, and that’s why you aren’t in a relationship.

get overlooked for that promotion, raise, or dreamy referral.

struggle with people ‘hearing’ +/or helping you.

wish you had the time to actually TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF in the ways you need.

most articles today talk about what to buy / bring into the bedroom as ‘the solution’ for improved sleep, better marriages, healthier boundaries – a happier YOU.


in my world, there is more soothing power and lasting luxury in removing things from the bedroom first.


here are 3 things i recommend you take out of the bedroom so that it becomes a sacred space that indulges and prioritizes YOU.

what are the first 5 things you notice. if any of those don’t immediately say sleep, sex / sensuality, and stillness, it’s time to evict them. my list includes – but is not limited to – exercise equipment, unopened boxes, laundry piles, work, unfinished projects, and other people’s stuff. if it isn’t selling you SERENITY NOW, let it live somewhere else in your house.

next, let’s do some quick word association. YIN is down. YANG is up. YIN is quiet. YANG is loud. YIN is settled. YANG is stimulating. while there is room to have a 60/40 balance of both in the room, too much YANG energy will disrupt how you sleep. it can intensify what you worry about at night. and it can compete with you feeling settled. so, do a quick edit. look first to the TV, electronics, and your phone – these all activate the mind. my suggestion: cover up the TV at night. if you can’t remove electronics / phones from the room, put them anywhere other than your bedside.

lastly, what do you have hanging in your room? relationship woes – and this can be romantic or career – can often be improved when we remove any pictures / art of something solitary or solo. when someone feels creatively dried up or new opportunities aren’t presenting themselves, maybe you no longer get a buzz from the imagery around you. or, maybe the art depicts dry, frozen, or barren spaces. the metaphors are endless. my suggestion: your room bookends your day – it is tucking you in at night, and it is giving you a hug before you leave in the morning. make sure you LOVE what you see, and that energy you take with you will absolutely change the energy you meet out there! xo


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