3 tips for finishing the year strong!

summer is fading, and fall is on its hem — which always brings out that “whole new season, whole new me” energy! however, if you’re feeling more funk, slump, or monotonous loop, i have a few grand ideas to resuscitate you for the final stretch of 2021!

SIMPLE SHUI TIP 1: tidy up your work space at the end of EVERY day. (emphasis on *every.*) think of work and its pursuits (possibility, collaboration, making money) as the inhalation, and daily organization and cleaning as the equally important exhalation. your desk is a landing spot for the things you want, and when it is suffocating under chaos, it limits our access to rich sources of opportunity and universal cooperation.

SIMPLE SHUI TIP 2: upgrade the energy you’re steeping in with a smart, simple DAILY ritual — light a candle to spark your own fiery essence; open the window and let birdsong clear any lingering “heavy” air; or sweep the porch regularly so your home enchants most auspicious chi. however you choose to lift the energetic latitude, everything in your life starts flying higher once you do!

SIMPLE SHUI TIP 3: stuck in a rut or loop of excuses? buy 3 of the same thing – candles, plants, or whatever you fancy. place them around your house in rooms you use every day. next, pick one really infectious thought that you can remember easily. now, every time you see this item, it’s a reminder and ripe opportunity to shift your thinking and chant your positivity. do this for 27 days (feel free to repeat!), and your home will be compounding some deliciously positive chi! xo


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