3 ways to plan for your success NOW!

i’m going to let you in on a little ingredient i add to my house shui every year, right around NOW.

but first…

you know shui is not transactional, right? what you do today begins orchestrating the required energies necessary. and as they come together and take formation, opportunities are triggered and *luck* happens.


if you know there is a little simmer in the mix, you can use this to your advantage.

what BIG goals have you been musing on for 2022?

what feels too BIG for you to even fully consider right now, but given a little warming up, you could totally LIVE into that version of yourself?

what did you not accomplish this year that you really, really want to notch on your vision board as COMPLETE and SUCCESSFUL?

and then…

how would it feel to see those successes in the rear view rather than out of your reach?

ALL THOSE ANSWERS are how you start plotting now — in your environment and in your immediate awareness.


give yourself a week (or two) to contemplate, dream up, or free fall into the possibilities out there for YOU and 2022.

and once you’ve got those ideas piping hot…

(1) give your home a good space clearing. this will *sweep out* any regrets, doubts or troubleshooting thoughts.

(2) plant proof of your success with metaphors. this can be done two ways: one, get clever with how you *see* your success and find something that matches this feeling / energy / outcome, and place it in your surroundings. or. edit out the distractions, anything keeping you from pouring your whole self into your success. (this is when paying close attention to your bagua map and what’s happening in the area of focus can be incredibly helpful!)

(3) once your environmental metaphors or *success sprucing* is complete, engage with that chi consistently. science has proven that our environments can change our brain, so this one commitment will, in turn, help you alter / pivot your behavior toward SUCCESS!

every year, i start plotting next year’s accomplishments NOW, giving myself 3 months to prep my home (and office) for that inevitability so that when the new year arrives, i am READY! and now, you will be, too! xo