4 habits that help keep a home clutter-free

many of us have pushed up our sleeves in the collective spirit of spring cleaning and decluttering. however, clearing clutter is only half the equation. maintaining the minty fresh space afterwards? ahhhh, that’s where it can get tricky. so, it was a treat @mindbodygreen asked for a few suggestions on the #1 habit that helps keep our home clean and (for the most part) clutter-free.

do little things every day. it’s always the little things, right? hanging up keys; opening mail; putting shoes away; clearing the table; folding another basket of laundry. . .and the beat goes on. at first blush, they’re all minor tasks but a little effort now becomes my bridge over troubled waters later. when the BIG demands do make a house call, i’m less theatrical about them because all those little chores aren’t piled. getting into this one habit will add up quickly and change how you feel in your home.

always take something with you. daily clutter tricks us into thinking we have more to do than we have time. if I’m going into the kitchen, i grab that glass and wash it. if one of those coats is mine, i take it with me on the way to my closet and hang it up. we put the laundry away immediately. i don’t encourage multi-tasking EXCEPT when it comes to streamlining trips around the house!

time yourself. what gets measured gets managed. so, if i’m running around short on time, but i have a 10-minute pocket until my next call, i actually know i have time to quickly unload the dishwasher or fold a basket of laundry because i have timed myself previously. noticeable tidying can happen in less than 10 minutes, so i use these slivers like a boss.

make the floors and counters off-limits to storage. i pick anything up off the floor that doesn’t belong there – toys, bags, etc. – and limit baskets on the floor because those tend to become clutter depositories. also, countertops morph quickly into clutter havens – everything is drawn to them, right? we strive to clear those daily – a quick effort that leaves the room feeling more spacious immediately! bottom line: energy goes where the eye goes – when we put our stuff away, our home immediately feels so much cleaner and lighter. xo


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