4 ways to “clear” negative energy (that you’re not thinking about…)

i’ve noticed a steep increase in the search for “clearing negative energy” here on the blog, so let’s talk about what you need to know! while it’s always a fabulous idea to clear the air when disagreeable energy lingers, you might also want to sleuth your space for any culprits that could be holding that tendency for eruption in place. here are a few places to start:

take an energy assessment in the room where conflict occurs most. are there opposing elements dominating the space (like, metal and wood, or earth and water)? bring those into balance, and that deficit will turn into a reprieve. (learn how here.)

evaluate the art / imagery on the walls. is there anything that feels aggressive, hopeless or threatening? if so, move it out. another scenario? it’s important that all personalities within the home are represented, so that there is balance among the voices. if you notice one person is more visible in the photos or choice of decor, remove some of that force by evening the score on the walls and in the rooms.

pay attention to sharp corners. sharp edges are considered “attacking” chi. and when we sit with a corner (or sharp edge) pointed at us (from furniture, blinds, even rooflines from other houses), we feel a low-level discomfort in its direct path. this energy is relentless; and the closer you are to it, the more intense it feels. so, move out of its line of attack when disagreements surface.

finally, if you have pockets or piles of clutter… if the house is dusty or dirty… if there are home repairs needing your attention (leaky faucets, clogged drains, broken anything)… get to work! whenever we are transforming energy, any low energetic presence that remains untouched will deplete our efforts to harmonize the space. so, if you’re smoke clearing and it doesn’t seem to “take”, consider the problem might reside in resistance to physically cleaning first. xo