looking for some harmony now?

trying to create a little more harmony at home? here’s a little (but incredibly powerful) shui tip that can absolutely help you make that happen. you’ll need to take a quick inventory of the 5 elements in each room (homework: watch my videos — episodes 11 through 17 — to learn how to identify them if you’re not familiar with their profiles!)

now, if you notice “opposite” elements paired in a room together, and they happen to be more dominant than the other elements…

chances are you either spend little (or no) time in that room OR people are less agreeable in those spaces. so, here are the elemental pairings to be aware of…

and, because i LOVE the ‘feng’ outta this stuff, i’m including the element that soothes each conflict so you can get some harmony now! (trust me, this helps BIG time!)

Water puts out Fire. introduce Wood to resolve their clash.

Wood breaks up Earth. introduce Fire and you will spark a fix.

Fire melts Metal. introduce Earth and it will yield peace between the two.

Earth dams Water. introduce Metal as your mediator.

Metal chops Wood. introduce Water to softens its edge.

the elements — when in balance — have a made-for-each-other vibe. and when they are together, it can change the energy in your house QUICKLY. and when that happens, your life will see a few welcome changes, too! xo


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