4 ways to enhance your creativity

personalizing your work space is like working from the inside out. it helps draw out the creativity you’re here to share +/or the work you’re here to create. whenever we honor our space, we are also honoring ourselves.


a few good Qs and ideas to work with for this exploration:

what is the very first thing you see in your designated creative space?

what “greets” you? that’s the first impression energy you’re receiving every day – even if you’re overly familiar and numb to it.

does it match how you want to feel in your work / professional pursuits / creative process?

is there flow, originality, bold execution +/or eye-to-eye conversation? narrate this “first whiff” with what feels most congruent to your stylistic preferences, and make sure those chosen things give off a hearty “YES” when you ask “are my things inspiring me, serving me, and helping me thrive?”

and then, consider…

using the sound of water (playing softly in the background). it will create a nourishing, “in the flow” feeling.

lighting a candle at the beginning of your creative session. set the intention that you will hold focus until you blow out the candle. it is more ritual than magic, but it sets the tone and quickly communicates to our subconscious that we are ready to craft, curate, create and contribute. and getting our conscious and subconscious aligned makes the creative process so much easier.

keeping a quartz crystal in the vicinity. this little gem improves our luck with creativity and helpful people (think: connections, networking, timing, word of mouth, etc.).

incorporating a mirror in the decor. mirrors expand space, bringing it to life. and the more active a space is, the more stimulated we feel. xo


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