4 ways to fill your home with happiness!

a conversation i find myself in often is how to curate sacred space. there’s a loose notion sometimes that a few endorsed purchases and prescribed placements is a shot-in-the-arm tactic sure to immunize them from feeling stuck or losing momentum in life.

a *feel good* life from my perspective and experience, though, is built one decision at a time. and for me, it’s the little things done consistently that compose the connective tissue to hold that energetically in place. so, here’s how i often answer the Q…

TIP ONE: LEARN WHAT YOU REALLY LOVE. when we know what we love, it impedes impulsive purchases and potential clutter. and by fostering an appreciation for what we’ve got (instead of what we want), we begin to instinctually choose LOVE over like. so… figure out what makes you gush because when you collaborate with LOVE, your home absolutely becomes sacred space.

TIP TWO: MAKE IT CLEAR. a home says a lot about us, so it’s essential to have at least one space or nook that squeals “this is so me!” — a little enthusiasm here and there amplifies EVERYTHING else. make your favorite spot fresh and reflective of who you want to become, not just where you’ve been. by making it clear what matters most, you’ll tune up this energetic sweet spot regularly.

TIP THREE: MIND YOUR WORDS. think about your daily pirouetting of words because even something as innocuous as a word can affect how a space feels. curtail complaining; be mindful of media saturating the walls; speak consciously; and make appreciation so ubiquitous that the energy feels freshly spruced in its wake.

TIP FOUR: PAY ATTENTION TO THE LITTLE THINGS. don’t overlook pesky problems and disruptions that seem small. when we are exposed to little annoyances repeatedly, it’s like water dripping onto a stone. at first, nothing looks affected. however, with enough time, the water drip will wear a hole into the stone. when we perceive struggle in our surroundings and leave it unaddressed, we eventually experience struggle. and putting these chores off only corrodes our determination and energy. by taking care of our space, we take care of ourselves and keep our splendid torches lit! xo

photo @farmgirlflowers


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