5 BONUS tips from House Therapy…

have you checked out my podcast House Therapy yet?

if so, these 5 bonus tips (from my episodes) are for YOU!

TIP ONE: in episode one, i mentioned a tabletop water fountain as a wealth remedy. adding coins to it will amplify wealth chi flowing in your life!

TIP TWO: in episode 3, i talked about how important TLC at the front door is – and that when you don’t know what else to do, sweep! i LOVE adding a little cinnamon oil to the bristles of my broom so that i stir up all sorts of prosperity luck while sweeping.

TIP THREE: in episode 4, we focused on the bedroom and its star attraction – the bed. did you know you can apply the bagua to your mattress? standing at the foot of your bed, the upper left-hand corner is your wealth area. so, if you want to make money *while you sleep,* add some moo-lah to a red envelope and place it in the wealth corner between your mattress and bed frame.

TIP FOUR: in episode 7, we talk about color. and one of my favorite ways to get the pulse beating when it seems like nothing is happening? dot your house with 3 small vases of red bloomies! start at the door, work your way to the kitchen or living room, and drop the last one in the bedroom!

TIP FIVE: in episode 8, salt came up! you know i LOVE working with salt because it promotes healthy finances, but do you know why? the Romans paid their soldiers with salt, something only accessible to the wealthy. it was such a precious commodity that the word “salary” is derived from the Latin word for salt. so, next time you’re wondering why i talk salt rituals so much, now you know!

and on that note, be sure to tune into the latest episode every Tuesday — wherever you get your podcasts! xo