5 easy ways to attract wealth!

how about we *monday* with 5 easy ways to attract more wealth with shui?

one, buy fresh flowers. they know how to seduce abundance. think about it — why don’t you buy them? usually because of cost, right? splurge, however, and you give off an *I AM SO WORTH IT!* vibe. i’ve used this chi magic for years, and i PROMISE it’s worth finding the wiggle room in your schedule / budget / space. once the flowers begin wilting, throw them out. repeat.

two, hang a mirror behind your stove. a stove’s burners represent your prosperity so make sure you’re rotating through all of them evenly to maximize auspicious opportunities. as for the mirror, it reflects and doubles that prosperity. if a mirror isn’t your thing, use a shiny teakettle instead.

three, instead of putting your purse on the floor (which shows disregard for wealth), hang it. and organize the cash in your wallet so it’s facing the same direction. when we show respect for our money, we signal our ability to handle more.

keep the toilet seats down. water represents finances (and our emotions!), and the water in there goes down the drain. symbolically, this suggests the same thing for your money. get into a habit of putting the toilet seat down and shutting the bathroom door.

use water imagery in your home. photography or paintings of rivers, waterfalls, oceans, or lakes work well. make sure the water “flows” into your home as this symbolically represents wealth coming into your life.

as you test drive these tips (coupled with your intention, of course), watch for abundance and prosperity in all her forms. give gratitude, even if it is simply finding a coin on the ground or receiving a lovely compliment. let me say this again: DO NOT INTERRUPT THE FLOW and ENERGY OF ABUNDANCE COMING YOUR WAY. when we show appreciation for what we already have, we open ourselves to a wider surge of prosperity possibilities! xo


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