5 easy ways to trigger change!

it’s common to be curious about Feng Shui when a change is needed, especially when nothing else seems to be working. unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to be found here. Feng Shui doesn’t work if you don’t. and it demands cultivating your own chi while improving your home’s energy. so, as a practitioner with experience around what triggers change quickly, here are 5 ways you can cooperate with shui so your changes leap to life!

use a mirror to bring out your best! state your intentions with conviction in the mirror as you prepare for the day. smile like you’re a first grader when you pass that mirror. say kind things to yourself every time you catch your reflection. when your chi glows, the mirror doubles it. and that kind of verve is irresistible to your desires!

provoke a new version of yourself by cleaning the closet. get rid of anything that doesn’t make you feel better than you look. let go of anything that doesn’t represent who you’re becoming. and leave a little open space to signal that new things are welcome in your life.

do one nice thing for your space every week for the rest of the year. when you focus on “planting” feel-good energy around you, its presence will magnify in your life. buy some flowers today. next week, rearrange the furniture in your living room. the following week, spruce up your front door. once you get going, your creative genius won’t know how to quit!

turn the task of preparing meals into an abundance ritual. while you gather ingredients, assemble dishes, and cook, hold an intention of prosperity. if you do, you’ll instinctually incorporate other little details that favor your wealth! you’ll light the candles. use the freshest foods. adorn the table with gorgeous napkins and plates. most importantly, you’ll lavish LOVE into the meal – which facilitates those very “as if” changes you seek in your life!

actively acknowledge proofs of abundance in your life. and whenever something is offered to you – whether it’s a compliment or some cold hard green! – don’t interrupt the exchange or flow of this abundance coming to you. greet it with gratitude, and receive its bounty with a full heart. xo


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