5 ways to change your luck with Feng Shui!

stuck in a bout of bad luck? here are 5 things you can do to slough it off!

move the furniture around. when we start moving things around, we “yang” / yank the energy up. so, even if you can’t reconfigure the room’s arrangement, you can quickly refresh the spaces behind and underneath your furniture. this one flex is plump full of magic making possibility! (RX: once a year +/or whenever things feel intense.)

“wake up” quiet corners and still spaces. listen, those lonely corners of your home are attention seekers. and if they aren’t given a little LOVE and affection, the energy here gets parched. this is also how “feeling stuck” gets amplified, by the way! so, bust up the silent treatment, and enliven those spaces – either with a chi enhancer or two, or YOU! a delicious conversation in that area, some full-bodied giggles, or even a good dance party will evolve the energy enthusiastically! (RX: engage these spots once a week.)

open the doors or windows regularly – you know, “out with the old, in with the new.” make it a monthly ritual (every Monday, new moon, or on the 1st), and any funky bunch blues will be well on their way. (RX: once a month!)

light a stick of incense to pluck the air clean of any lusterless energy. turn this into a ritual, and LOVE and luck will become your home’s signature vibe. (RX: i prefer daily, but once a week works, too.)

keep those lights good and bright at your entrance. why? the front of your home ushers in chi. make it uplifting here, and there is a power of persuasion exchange that happens before energy sashays down the runway – one that is fashionably in your favor! (RX: turn the lights on for a few hours every day until any “unlucky weather” has passed.)

one quick side note: you don’t have to do ALL the things here to turn your luck. so, if one of these suggestions isn’t possible / realistic / feasible for you, choose something else. xo


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